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Changelog v0.1.2
路 rework brick level formula
馃悶 bugs: 路 added scrolling to bricks list expanded view 路 fix survival timeline misalignment 路 fix ability to open a lootbox twice 路 fix issue preventing crafting a brick immediately after crafting a brick
路 increase settings button size 路 remove "edit" bricks button in favor of tapping on "bricks >" 鈥僼his was done because of limited space
馃悶 bugs: 路 fix issues w. light mode and backgrounds 路 fix issues w. text wrapping for large accessibility text sizes 鈥僺urvive button, daily timeline labels 路 fix tap on golOS icon not always working 路 fix issue w. settings being open while logging
v0.1.0 路 initial release
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