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GolOS is a gamified habit / life tracker What does that mean?
Games usually have 2 elements: - try not to die / lose { survival } - getting better / winning { grind }
Here’s how they work in golOS:
Survival Smash that SURVIVE button. Some days it feels like that’s all you can do. So you deserve credit for doing it. It’s not easy. Life is tough.
Grind MINE for materials. Use them to craft bricks. Use bricks to track your habits / life. Level up your bricks to level up your life.

GolOS is in Early Access development What does that mean? Early Access means I’m sharing it before it’s done. I've been try to build golOS for 4 years and this my 5th attempt, which I started in October. Currently it only represents about 10% of my vision for golOS. (That’s part of why it’s called an Operating System— but none of that is built.) I need your help building the rest. Here’s what you can do, in order of importance:
1. Do not feel guilty if you stop using it. This is THE MOST valuable feedback I can get from you: "why you stopped?" Not interested, bored, confused, anything, please share!
2. Critical feedback You will be play testing this game, so I am looking for what parts are too fast or too slow, what's doesn't make sense, anything.
3. Bug reports There will be bugs. I have lost all my progress a few times, which was quite devastating. I hope it doesn't happen to you, but it's possible.
4. Positive feedback What parts do you love? And more significantly, why? I would love to see how you play your own game of life.
5. Feature ideas This is last because I already have too many. But I always welcome more! I want this to be your game too!
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